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Kujtim Kërveshi
Partner - Attorney at Law

Kujtim Kërveshi is our Managing Partner - an Attorney who specializes in civil law, civil procedural law, commercial law, investment law and arbitration/mediation. Mr. Kërveshi is a former member of the Kosovo Prosecutors Council and vice-president of the Kosovo Prosecutors Council Disciplinary Panel. He has worked with several USAID programs in Kosovo in establishing the Alternative Dispute Resolution system in the country (arbitration and mediation), training mediators and arbitrators. He has provided substantial contributions in establishing the American Chamber of Commerce's ADR Center as well as the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce's Permanent Arbitration Tribunal and private enforcement system as well. Prior to these assignments, Mr. Kërveshi served as the Principal Legal Adviser to the Kosovo Minister of Justice and worked on several international programs. Mr. Kërveshi has served as the Deputy Chief in the Prime Minister's Office of Legal Support Services. In 2005 he provided substantial support in establishing the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Interior, Kosovo Judicial and Prosecutorial Council, by leading the Kosovo team in developing the terms of the references for these institutions. Mr. Kërveshi is one of Kosovo's leading attorneys currently litigating some of the most complex cases in the country. He is an experienced commercial arbitrator and mediator, and has attended several trainings at the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris. Mr. Kërveshi has over 12 years of experience lecturing at universities in civil contested procedures, arbitration, private international law and international transactions.

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